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Gianmarco Jan 21 207 views

Learning coding in school

I'm a student learning how to code and I was wondering, how much coding did you learn in school that you use now? I only ask this because a lot of the coding we are doing, I cannot think what it would be used for in most things. The main one i'm curious about is strings, what are they used...

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Jason Jan 21 212 views

How hard is it to learn to code?

#coding #technology

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Ever Nov 07, 2021 281 views

what's a good route to take to in order to one day be able to work for a big tech company?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. #technology #tech #engineering

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weilin Oct 05, 2021 202 views

How can I graduate from college that ranked 1st in computer science?

What should I do to improve my skills of using computer hardware and software and other programming skills? #computer-science #technology