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wyatt’s Avatar
wyatt Jun 24, 2021 240 views

how do i do cisco?

what is involved with cisco?

Canming’s Avatar
Canming Jan 24, 2022 304 views

Where can I find STEM related workshops?

#stem #engineering #computer-science

sonu’s Avatar
sonu Apr 26, 2016 689 views

I am in 9th Class..i want to be become a soft ware engineer so how can i will achieve my aim..need to know some scholarship programs...

I am in 9th class and i am fond of computers i always search for new software and technology so i want to become a software engineer and i am so middle class family so i want to know about scholarship program given by different universities in Delhi or Haryana #it

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 28, 2016 689 views

How to speak in Hindi ?

Hai i am poomitha i want to speak in Hindi but i do know how to speak in Hindi language? #professor #student #hindi