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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Within 40 mile radius
Jeevika’s Avatar
Jeevika Apr 29, 2016 481 views

How to treat the heart patient ?

Hai ! I am jeevika . Now a days so many people are affected with heart attack so, How to treat the the heart patient immediate situation before going to doctor to save his life. How to control Heart Attacks #doctor #teaching #teacher #professor #educator #cardiology

Indhumathi’s Avatar
Indhumathi Jun 25, 2016 684 views

what is the salary of the teacher in INDIA

hi i am studing 10 std i want to become a teacher and i want this #teaching #teacher #professor #financial-planning

Renugadevi’s Avatar
Renugadevi May 19, 2016 1544 views

I am chithra. now i am finish +2 history group. next what course i can join in college.?

Help me to join in college #history #consulting #e-commerce

Nitheeshwaran’s Avatar
Nitheeshwaran Jun 25, 2016 726 views

Job Opportunities for Automobile Engineer In India ?

Hi I am Nitheesh. Can I know what are the area/department/work can a Automobile Engineer can Work and Some Job Opportunities in India. If a person Does his own business. What major areas the Person should Know details before starting a business. #business #engineer #design #automotive #automobile

Nitheeshwaran’s Avatar
Nitheeshwaran Jun 22, 2016 606 views

Mechanical Engg Cut off Marks

Hi i am in 11 th std . My aim is to join Mechanical Engineer. What is the Cut off marks in entrance exam to join Engineer #engineer #professor #engineering #mechanical

Yuvan Sankar’s Avatar
Yuvan Sankar Jun 23, 2016 1363 views

Job opportunities for Computer Science Group

Hai . I have chosen Computer science Group in 11th std . What are the degrees and Job opportunities related to it. #engineer #professor #computer #technology #technical

Gnanam Sowindariya’s Avatar
Gnanam Sowindariya Jun 22, 2016 1583 views

Entrance Cut off marks for a doctor. Studying Doctor in India or abroad which is the Best

Hai. i am Gnanam. I want to become a doctor. Pls tell me the Entrance cut off marks to Join a doctor in India. Studying Doctor in India /abroad which is easy and which is the Best. #doctor #teaching #teacher #professor #educator #counseling #mentoring

Subhash’s Avatar
Subhash Jun 20, 2021 305 views

What is bar graph in share marketing

#marketing #business-management #social-media-marketing

Harthisree’s Avatar
Harthisree Jun 28, 2016 736 views

Hi I am Harth Sree. Some Details about IIT Courses

Hi . Give me some details about IIT. IIT Courses, Ranking, Recognition, Value when compared to others, Placements, IIT in India #engineer #professor #educator #it #mentoring

vycesika’s Avatar
vycesika Aug 27, 2021 232 views

I have planned on moving to Ireland, Dublin. which university is the best for learning Pyschology?

#university #college #psychology #counsellor

ALFIDA’s Avatar
ALFIDA Jun 22 211 views

How do you pick a career?

I dont know what to do

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya May 09, 2016 681 views

what is the salary of the doctor

hi iam sowmiya .iam studying in 10std .i want to know the answer #doctor #career #science #professor #scientist #financial-planning

vijayakumar’s Avatar
vijayakumar Jun 20, 2016 1712 views

Switching over from Engineer to Police is it easy

Hi,i am vijayakumar. Completing Engineer and switching over police is it possible. Is that easy to prepare myself for police training #computer-science #educator #police-officer #mentoring #counselling

Vijayalakshmi’s Avatar
Vijayalakshmi Jun 28, 2016 885 views

Hi. UG or PG Courses which can Help Part time Jobs and easy to manage

Hi. I am Viji. One of my friend from a Lower background wants to study. But due to Financial problem may not able to Continue. If possible to earn money while studying will help her to do her studies. Help her with some courses which pay Good at part time and easy to under go her studies....

Gokulakrishnan’s Avatar
Gokulakrishnan Jun 24, 2016 632 views

Selecting Marine Engineer? How hard is to work.

Hello. I am Gokul. I have planned to Select Marine. Pls let me know the actual Job profile of Marine and How hard it is. #engineer #professor #student #educator #engineering #marine-biology #marine

Yuvan Sankar’s Avatar
Yuvan Sankar Jun 23, 2016 604 views

Hai , I am Doing my 12th standard. I am Interested in Engineer (Civil /Mechanical). Which is the Best. Do we have scope to get job in Abroad

Hai. I am Yuvan. Doing 12th std. I am Interested in Engineer. I am confused to select Civil or Mechanical . Pls help to choose which is the best and also to get Job in Abroad. #professor #civil-engineering #engineering #mechanical #mechanic

Susmitha’s Avatar
Susmitha Apr 21, 2016 727 views

What college courses should I take to join IAS?

Hi. I am doing my 12th standard in Govt School Tamilnadu, and I selected Computer science group. What should i select in College to complete IAS. Which are the courses will be helpful for IAS #college #teaching #teacher #professor

vijayakumar’s Avatar
vijayakumar Jun 18, 2016 573 views

computer engineering

how to you learn for computer engineering place ask #engineering

Megha’s Avatar
Megha Jul 24, 2020 451 views

I need a job that allow me to travel around the world.Or jobs that are adventurous.please guide me...l love to travel a lot

#travel #food #cooking #entertainment-industry #entertainment-industry

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya May 18, 2016 730 views

how many degree want to become a

hi i am studing 10 std.i want to know the answer #it-sales #it-audit

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya May 09, 2016 601 views

how many cardiologist in India

hi iam sowmiya .iam studying 10std .i want to know this #career #science #teaching #teacher

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 27, 2016 816 views

How to improve mathematics skills and science skills ?

Hai I am Poomitha i am studying in 9th standard. Maths is problem solving subject how to improve maths skills? algebra, log, mensuration someone is easy other one is tough. and also How to improve science skills? #professor #math #counselling #teach

Sankardhayalan’s Avatar
Sankardhayalan Apr 29, 2016 569 views

aeronatical career question

How to become a good pilot? What are the qualification of a good pilot? #college #professor #student #pilot #lecture

Haripriya’s Avatar
Haripriya Jun 27, 2016 820 views

Hai I am Haripriya doing my 9th Std . What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I graduate? or To be selected in a Campus?

Haripriya Doing my 9th std in Govt School from Tamilnadu(India) What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I complete my graduate? or To be selected in a Campus Interview? #professor #education #educator #mentoring #training #mentors

Yokeshwaran’s Avatar
Yokeshwaran Apr 26, 2016 659 views

Teacher career question

What is a maths teacher? what is a maths teacher useful? #college #professor #lecture

Sangeetha’s Avatar
Sangeetha Apr 25, 2016 606 views

Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Hi, I am in 10th std. My ambition is to become a doctor. Can u give me a list of colleges in Tamilnadu for doing MBBS? #doctor #teaching #teacher #professor #counseling

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 28, 2016 632 views

How to speak in Hindi ?

Hai i am poomitha i want to speak in Hindi but i do know how to speak in Hindi language? #professor #student #hindi

Ramya’s Avatar
Ramya Apr 29, 2016 671 views

What is the best Arts colleges in Tamil Nadu?

Hi, I am 11 std.can you give me a list of Arts colleges in Tamil Nadu? #teaching #teacher #professor #counseling

Amrith Prashanth’s Avatar
Amrith Prashanth Jul 20, 2021 258 views

I have completed BBA in Retail Management. What post graduation to take up? I have an idea to join Mcom (International Business). will my decision be wise?

I am a disabled student due to an accident. I lost 5 years in treatment. I still have issues in mobility, speech and left hand usage. #college #retail #management #mass-communications #business #international-business #business-management

Priya’s Avatar
Priya Oct 01, 2020 4002 views

After 10th which course have value and jobs

After completing 10th I would like to have diploma course i want to know which course has more scope #air-force #robotics #any

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