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lia’s Avatar
lia Apr 18, 2023 721 views

How to connect and build your network in college?

I've heard about networking and I know what it is but how do you find the right people to network with? Also, what do you do after like do you write down their info and keep it somewhere safe in case you need it?

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 05, 2017 1074 views

What is the key to "succeed" in networking event?

I have just registered for a networking event (more specifically a Vancouver Post Alliance Event) and although I had classes about how to behave in a networking event, I wanted to know how can you meet someone in such a short period of time people and actually create a connection with them....

Pamela’s Avatar
Pamela Mar 15, 2022 386 views

What are some positive or negative aspects about being an electrician?

I am studying in Job Corps and hope to finish facility maintenance and then move on to becoming a journeyman.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 09, 2018 612 views

Would I be better off taking a student teaching position over the summer, or babysitting and continuing my other not school major related job for an Elementary Education Major?

I applied for a student teaching summer position with the local school district, when a former employer offered me a position to Baby sit their 3 children over the summer. I will be entering my Junior Year in College, and while I would like to get some good experiences on my resume, the...

Imani’s Avatar
Imani May 05, 2021 893 views

Is life outside of high school different?