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Charlene Greenwell

Cosmetology/ Esthetics Instructor
Detroit, Michigan
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Jason Apr 03, 2022 201 views

Do stylists get paid well?

I was wondering how much do stylists (any type of stylist) get paid an hour and how much they would make a yearly / monthly? Is it a stable job that will provide me a future that will allow me to retire early or late?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Apr 04, 2022 212 views

What is the difference in time and energy it takes; comparing the communication and paperwork sides of the job depending on whichever specific job your are apart of?

Im in trade school right now for "Hotel and Lodging", I would like any kind of advice on what i can expect on the job. Thank alot in advanced! I might go specifically for "Spa Manager", or "concierges".

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Alexa Apr 06, 2022 212 views

What steps does someone take to bring a website from an idea into a fully fledged site accessible on the internet?

So I am about to graduate and I am familiar with how this works on cloud platforms. However, I am curious to know what you would need if hosting yourself and how you would source these things. E.g. domain name, server, etc. Basically, what would you consider your basic website checklist If...