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Madison Heights, Michigan
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Salvin May 22, 2016 1656 views

Is there any advice for someone who might want to be a Youtuber?

Ever since I came to America in 2004, I have been fascinated with the American way of life. Here people don't wait for their dream to happen, they make it happen on the spot. There are Youtubers who have been on YouTube since 2005, but these people never gave up. They kept making videos, and...

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Salvin May 18, 2016 1249 views

How long will it take to pay off student loans from university and medical school, or does differ for everyone?

I'm asking this question because I am scared off the debt that I am going to be in. I want to be a doctor but this is the only thing that is making me question whether I should do it. #doctor #psychology #medicine #finance #pre-med #pediatrics #pediatrician #trauma