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Genevieve Jul 27 212 views

What career opportunities exit for someone who only has a bachelor's in math?

My (tentative) plan is to earn my bachelor's and then earn my masters. However, I might want/need to take a break before going back to school.

Achumile’s Avatar
Achumile Aug 13, 2021 224 views

Which career I must follow because I'm doing Tourism,Business and Economics


Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27 217 views

Resources for STEM scholarships?

Specially, ones for women and those majoring in math.

leona’s Avatar
leona Sep 28, 2016 677 views

What does a music teacher do?

I am asking that because I am doing a career project and wnt to learn more about music teachers. #music #teaching

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27 237 views

What are the best minors to pair with a math degree?

I've heard that tech and finance are good choices. If its tech, then what specific tech area is preferable? Are there any business minors would make a good choice? Are there other minors that would be good options?