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Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey Apr 25, 2019 424 views

What requirements do you need to have completed to be a paralegal?

#law #criminal-justice #paralegal #requirements

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jan 23, 2018 978 views

Can I become a paralegal with a criminal justice degree? Is a paralegal a stressful job? Can I work independently or is it best to land a position with an attorney?

Becoming a paralegal is something that I have thought deeply about and considered on more than one occasion. As I near the end of my schooling, I am wondering if this position is a as stressful as being a legal secretary (a position I previously held and despised! ) and if I will need to obtain...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Feb 04, 2019 1136 views

Is it normal to start work before signing a contract?

It freaked me out because a few days ago, I received an email notice that I was accepted to a job position that I applied for, but right after that email notice, there was another email giving me instructions for my first assignment and telling me that it needed to be completed within 48...