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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to go to a college with good-quality nursing programs that are beneficial for being a pediatric nurse. I also want to know the best places to work as a pediatric nurse.


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Ashley Oct 04, 2022 576 views

What colleges will better nurture me to become a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I am a 10th grader. Right now, my school has stressed the importance of knowing what to do after highschools. One thing I'm struggling with is the factors that take place when picking a college, when picking classes, when picking a job, etc.

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Ashley Oct 04, 2022 683 views

What is the "step:1" when becoming a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I'm a 10th grader in high school right now. My school offers a concurrent enrollment program where I can easily obtain my AA degree. Right now, I am taking 1 college course (US HISTORY) and AP Biology. Next year for my junior year, I'll be able to do more college courses. In my college...

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Ashley Oct 04, 2022 479 views

How to specialize in Pediatrics in the Nursing Field?

After getting my Bachelor's in Nursing, how will I be able to move down the road of becoming a specialist in pediatrics?