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Elk River, Minnesota
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Raven Dec 19, 2022 592 views

How do I go about combining my different career paths?

I am planning on owning a cafe but I also want to write and have a minor in photography so I was wondering how I could combine them. The tips I got for each individual path was wonderful but I can't seem to fit them together with my goal. It would be nice for some pointers in that department.

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Raven Nov 12, 2022 625 views

What are some tips about becoming a photographer?

I was wondering about some tips about photography as I feel my career choices would intertwine.

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Raven Oct 10, 2022 481 views

What are the ups and down of owning a business?

I was wondering because I want most of my degrees and skills to overlap in some way. I want a degree in business management so it would be nice to know what all is in the process of owning a business.

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Raven Oct 04, 2022 400 views

How flexible is it to be a barista?

I am curious about the flexibility and pay of being a barista. Dose it change depending on where you work.

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Raven Oct 03, 2022 606 views

What all is needed to become a Writer?

Such as the amount of people you interact with. The pay and so on. I am open to just about anything.