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lexi’s Avatar
lexi Oct 11, 2022 510 views

What is the first thing to fo to become a psychologist?

What is the first step to becoming a psychologist? What are some things I can do/take starting in highschool that will help me become a psychologist?

Apongnwie’s Avatar
Apongnwie Jul 23, 2022 641 views

How to have a remote job

I am a student residing in Africa precisely Cameroon, I just unable to afford my tuition due to internal displacement. Please I need help how can I have a remote job like data entry (excel) that can help me finance my studies in order to attain my dreams of becoming an accountant?

Aly’s Avatar
Aly Oct 13, 2022 402 views

What are some career options (other than teaching) for people who like interacting with children and adolescents?

I like interacting with children & adolescents, but am not particularly interested nor skilled in teaching. What career options are out there that can serve/interact with children other than teaching?

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 30, 2022 977 views

Is psychology a good major?

Is psychology a good major? I am really passionate when it comes to studying human behavior but as a child of immigrant I have to make sure that I won’t struggle financially. I hear a lot of people talking about how this major is not good and finding jobs is hard and they don't pay a good...

Alicia Teresa’s Avatar
Alicia Teresa Sep 29, 2022 517 views

How to get a volunteer job in writing?

I have experienced in writing, but not much knowledge about Canada culture. How do I get a volunteer job in writing in Canada?