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Emma Sep 29, 2023 521 views

Is a Fitness Coordinator basically a Physical Therapy equivalent without a Doctorate Degree?

I have been sold on Physical Therapy for a while now, but recently I have begun struggling with the idea of going to Medical School and all of the debt and excessive studying that entails. I took a career quiz and it recommended Fitness Coordinator rather than Physical Therapy. I love studying...

Caty’s Avatar
Caty Aug 02, 2023 284 views

What should I do to get into business ?

I want to be rich and make a lot of money so that I can make a lasting impact on my community and family. I want to make connections with powerful people and be good at my job.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 25, 2023 353 views

What is the difference between being an Athletic/Sports Therapist and regular Physical Therapist?

I’ve been looking at Physical Therapy, but recently I was told Athletic Therapy might be a better fit for me. One of the reasons was being that PT simply worked with senior citizens more and AT works with adults or maybe younger. I just know I would prefer to work with teenagers, maybe young...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 02, 2023 1809 views

What should I major in if I want to become a Physical Therapist?

I'm currently a Junior in High School and about to finish up the school year. I know I want to become a physical therapist, but I'm not quite sure what to major in before I go to medical school. I've thought about a Pre-Med Biology major, but I've also thought about a major in Exercise Science...

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Emma Feb 14, 2023 520 views

What is the best job?

I want to be in the medical field but I don't like high stress or blood or needles. Which job should I do?

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Emma Feb 14, 2023 422 views

Physical Therapist Daily Work-Paperwork vs Patient Care

How much paperwork does a Physical Therapist have on the daily versus time spent with the patients? Also, on average how stressful is the job and environment?

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