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Chloe May 23, 2023 350 views

What kind of questions should I ask a new patient to make them feel more comfortable?

Meeting someone new is never an easy thing, especially when it's someone being paid to learn as much about someone as possible and analyze their lifestyle and provide advice and/or help

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Chloe May 23, 2023 262 views

What is the best way to help patients feel more comfortable opening up??

As someone who's seen a few psychologists growing up, I've noticed how difficult it is for psychologists to be able to help patients if the patients aren't comfortable or don't feel safe enough to want to be helped, or provide enough information to be able to be helped adequately enough

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Chloe May 23, 2023 281 views

What does an average work day provide for a Child Psychologist?

Hi, I'm Chloe, my dream career is to be able to help youth who may be struggling emotionally and help them feel comfortable with themselves and their environment