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Kumiko Jun 07 209 views

What kind of jobs or careers can I get at 15?

I’ve been looking for a good way to make money for myself.

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Evelyn Jun 08 90 views

How to get people to notice your business?

I want to be a designer idc if I design houses or clothing I want to create my own business when I’m out of school but idk how people that create businesses make people notice them so I was wondering how the do it?

mo’s Avatar
mo Jun 08 351 views

what would be one of the easiest tasks when going into your first job?

i’m going to my first job and i’m unsure of what to expect

’s Avatar
Jun 08 364 views

how important is a top uni?

as a current junior

Keva’s Avatar
Keva Jun 09 264 views

How do i get a secondary education without going into debt? #spring23

I want to become a doctor and go through medschool. Is there anything i can do in hoghschool/best ways to get scholarships so that i can minimize any future debt?