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Abington, Pennsylvania
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I want to be an actor, animator, or director.


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Isaiah Jul 18, 2023 374 views

How can I get more involved in film/the entertainment industry while still in high school?

I will be a sophomore in a couple months. I already selected electives such as video production(mainly works on my school’s tv show) and animation for this upcoming year and I took “intro to acting” last school year. I’m also in stage crew for our play and musical. I want to gain more...

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Isaiah Jul 17, 2023 333 views

Do I have to stick to just one thing?

I know that I want to go into the entertainment industry but I’m not sure if I want to animate, direct, or act. Is it possible to do all three and still be successful? Also if I can’t but I’m also not sure which I want to stick with, what should I do when selecting my major?

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Isaiah Jul 17, 2023 242 views

How did you get where you are now?

What were your first steps into working in film?