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Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 06, 2016 867 views

Would taking up a part-time job during the school year be too stressful on me? (Third-Year High School Student)

I am a student going into my third year of high school and was very interested in taking up a summer job to support my financial needs and wants. I was only looking for a part-time job that would last from July to August because I would be very busy in the start of the new school year (I...

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Aug 10, 2016 1021 views

How can I keep healthy if I work full time/ go to school?

It seems to be pretty hard to do that when there are odd break hours, many people. How do you maintain weight and eat healthy also #health #school #fitness

Harshitha’s Avatar
Harshitha May 05, 2016 714 views

I want to work in a bank , which are the subjects that I can take after 10th?

I have finished my 10th STD i am waiting for my results,my favorite subjects are English and Maths #educator #banking #managing-accounts