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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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I want to be a k-pop idol to inspire others



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Melin Jan 08 779 views

How do I start little in my career of k-pop ?

Ive taken Michelle Marrota s advice.So how do i start little in kpop .I have a few ideas,first of all me and my friends have a k-pop group called high up and it consist of 5 of my friends who like k-pop i have 53 friends in total but only 5 of them like k-pop.I just wrote a song called LOL...

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Melin Jan 07 556 views

Is there a possibility I can become a k-pop idol (according to these facts)?

So my name is Merryn and i was born in Nigeria and ive traveled to many places when i was 3 and 4.I take k-pop seriously and ive been living in Canada for almost 7 years now. Im 10 years old and in k-pop im good at dancing,rapping,visuals,and singing a little,ive been dancing since i was 8 and...

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Melin Jan 07 1133 views

How can I convince my parents to let me be a kpop idol ?

Im obsessed with k-pop and im planning to audition on J.Y.P entertainment for dance and rap maybe visuals.But the problem is my parents.They kinda want me to be a doctor instead because that was my dream job 2 years ago,I wouldnt have said that i was only 8 and i didnt even know k-pop that...