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Albert Jan 16, 2017 1303 views

What is a cover letter, and how do you write an effective one?

I am currently applying for internships online, and along with my resume, they often ask me to include a cover letter. I am not sure how to write one, or what it should be about. What do I include in the cover letter? Is there a general format to follow? #college #computer-software #internships...

Drew’s Avatar
Drew Jul 11, 2016 5098 views

Should I apply for google winter internship?

I am currently a rising senior at an accredited liberal arts college. I started my computer science major in the past year, which is relatively late compared to many other students. I have been taking online courses and summer courses to catch up because computer science really fascinates me. I...

Blessed Joshua ’s Avatar
Blessed Joshua Jun 06, 2016 1692 views

Is it important to learn Git and Github for the software industry?

I'm a first year Computer Science major.