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Box Elder, South Dakota
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Rebekah Feb 24 299 views

What schooling would you need to become a marine animal trainer/ rehabilitation person?

I am in 11 grade and considering a career as a marine animal trainer and was wondering what subjects I would need to take.

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Rebekah Feb 21 434 views

What types of archaeological jobs are there and what basic schooling would you need?

I have been interested in archeology for some time. Especially ancient Egypt and was curious what it would be like to pursue it farther

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Rebekah Feb 21 918 views

What is a good career working with marine animals if I struggle with math and biology?

I am very interested in sharks and all marine life. I want to find a career working with marine animals. However, I struggle very much with math and biology. I'm not sure what jobs will be good for me to pursue. Or what type of education I should be looking at getting.