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Christopher Mckiernan

2D/3D Character/ Motion Graphics Animator/ digital Artist, Background Artist
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Mount Olive Township, New Jersey
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Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Apr 12 522 views

What kind of remote work can I do as art enthusiast?

I love art a lot, and really want a career in it, but I know that being financially stable is also very important. What do you advice I do?

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Mar 13 592 views

How's the pay as an animator or artist? What majors should I take in college?

High school student.

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian Feb 07 540 views

What is it like in a day in the life of an illustrator?

I am interested in becoming a cartoonist or illustrator. What are the basic things an illustrator does everyday?