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Aditya Kumar

Software Engineer
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Redmond, Washington
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Edwin Apr 11 603 views

What are some ways to become better at a coding language ?

I am a 2nd year in college and I want to build my coding language.

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David Apr 14 611 views

How can I become a good and successful software programmer. ?

I like coding, am intending to learn Python programming

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bella Apr 14 514 views


How can I become an itern at google i would love it there

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Apr 17 458 views

Anyone Know any good coding sites?

What is a good site to learn more coding that is free? I am a high-school student that wants to pursue a major in the IT department. I want to get a head start on the coding process and I want to learn more coding languages because I have some experience in HTML but I think it would be fun to...