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Elk Grove Village, Illinois
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I want to become a PICU nurse to help kids through their toughest times.

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Alicja Apr 26 733 views

How to answer the questions “tell me about yourself” in an interview ?

I have a two interviews tomorrow for a retail store and I’ve been preparing with practice questions to make sure I’m ready to answer any question asked. Though I’ve gotten a bit stomped at the questions “tell me about yourself”. I don’t want to sound super generic and talk about schoolwork, I...

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Alicja Apr 26 506 views

What will help me stand out on direct-nursing admissions?

Hi, I’m currently a junior who is planning on applying to direct-nursing schools. I was wondering what would look best on my applications and help me stand out. I’m taking classes leaning towards the medical field like: medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, ap biology, and CNA. I’ve also...