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Los Angeles, California
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I want to be an Art Director in LA! Not sure what field I want to be in yet.

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Ellie May 20 704 views

What colleges should I aim for if I want to be an art director?

I'm not so sure what major or what university would be best for me! Currently I have average grades but I think I have below average extra curriculars. I really want to go to UCLA for their design media arts BA, but UCLA is such a reach school, I want to open up my horizons. currently im a...

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Ellie Apr 28 370 views

What should I do if I want to be an Art Director?

Currently, I am a sophomore in high school, and I'm not sure what to major in or how to go on in my high school career! To preface what i have so far...I have two years of TV production experience, and was the head of my schools prom commitee for traditional art. This upcoming year, I'll be...