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Sharon T. Jan 27, 2017 696 views

What are the benefits of getting an after degree?

Lately, I have been thinking about an after degree in education (hypothetically). How would this benefit me? Does an after degree expand my career options? #career #education #career-counseling #school #interviews #degree...


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Sharon T. Jan 26, 2017 781 views

How long should a cover letter be?

In writing a cover letter, how long should it be? It seems like for the most part, a cover letter should be no longer than one page.. are there exceptions? #job-search #interviews #cover-letters...


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Sharon T. Jan 25, 2017 644 views

How to answer questions about salary expectations in interview?

In an interview, when asked about salary/wage expectations, what is the best approach in answering this question? Presumably, as an interviewee, it is probably not good for yourself to low ball the answer but as a potential employee, it probably sounds too crazy to expect the highest pay....

#management #human-resources

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Sharon T. Jan 19, 2017 703 views

What are some good tips in writing a professional summary?

I have recently taken the opportunity to sign up for various online profiles that require me to write a professional summary or professional biography for myself. What are some good things to include or mention? How do I present myself in a professional manner in 250 words or under?...

#executive-office #management #human-resources