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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Within 40 mile radius
Mohamed’s Avatar
Mohamed Dec 30, 2022 204 views

How would a person go on and study certain programming languages on their own to become a software engineer?

I am a university student looking to switch my program into computer science and more specifically become a software engineer. How is a good way to get a head start?

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Dec 15, 2022 251 views

Would you prefer to speak with an agent on the phone or contact them online?

There is a bit of a debate in our office these days about emailing clients vs calling clients. As someone in the marketing department I want them to call and email the client at least 3 before giving up. Some of our sales staff are insisting that clients don't want to talk on the phone and just...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Dec 08, 2022 259 views

What kind of materials should our commercial insurance brokers be using?

We have a team of commercial sales brokers that are trying to hit increasingly higher sales targets. If you were running a business, or operating the purchasing, what kind of materials would be influential to you? Brochures? Realtor style folders? Referral programs? SWAG? I'm hoping to give...

Idongesit’s Avatar
Idongesit Nov 27, 2022 197 views

What is the best way to manage opposing career paths?

What is the best way to manage and balance career paths that look like they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum but both appeal to you? Is there an in-between? #Fall22 #fall22

Pritika’s Avatar
Pritika Oct 31, 2022 154 views

What is the best way to figure out what career is right for me? #Fall22

Growing up as a teenager, I always thought that having to do one job for the rest of my life would be monotonous. I have switched career paths constantly. My first idea was to become a flight attendant , then a nutritionist , and then a FBI agent —maybe even all three at once. I believe the...

jackie’s Avatar
jackie Sep 22, 2022 226 views

what can i do with bachelor of science degree?

i am still undecided on what i want to be but I'm in school for BS. What jobs can I get with BS degree? Any jobs in the health department? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

jackie’s Avatar
jackie Sep 17, 2022 244 views

how do i become a physiotherapist? HELP ME PLS

i live in canada and I am considering PT as a career choice but Idk where to start. So a little bit about me is that I'm taking a gap year to figure out what I want to do in life. Also how long does it take and is the time worthy? And their pay? Your answers will be greatly appreciated and if u...

jackie’s Avatar
jackie Sep 17, 2022 320 views

what should i take in uni to become a travel nurse?

I want to be a travel nurse because it's a great way to explore different places and cultures while also helping people. Do I HAVE to take a bachelor of science in nursing or can I just take a bachelor of science to have my career options open in case I changed my mind in the future and if I do...

jackie’s Avatar
jackie Sep 07, 2022 178 views

I am unsure of what I want my future career to be but I know that I want to be in the medical/health field. What degree/courses should I take in uni?

I am scared that I won't get anywhere in life because I'm very indecisive. My first choice was to do nursing but I didn't want to waste my money and time when later on I decide to quit. so I want to find a degree that allows me to have more options in career choices. and just a background story...

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Jun 27, 2021 233 views

what are things i need to know to become an immigration lawyer?

Hello, i am a 14 year old female that would like to become an immigration lawyer in the future to help others:) #lawyer #career

Lola’s Avatar
Lola Jun 11, 2021 234 views

What should I pursue in post-secondary?

I am artistic and empathetic. I enjoy acting and science. #art #chemistry

Coleton John’s Avatar
Coleton John Mar 23, 2021 288 views

I cannot decide what to do to school for art or social work

I am pretty decent in social studies and English/Laguage arts I don't like not knowing how to decide on a focus. I seem to be good with people when I'm looked up to. But I like art to communicate my emotional inner world. Lack confidence for sure. Negative thinker. Gives more of self....

Xue’s Avatar
Xue Aug 03, 2020 1660 views

Is UX design a oversatuarated industry to choose?

Hi! I am a new master graduate in chemical engineering, living in Canada. I'm also a international student. However, I almost have no interest in this field and due to covid-19, most of the oil companies are laying off people rather hiring. This makes me to change my career. I'm interested in...

Naga Venkat’s Avatar
Naga Venkat Jul 29, 2020 365 views

What's your opinion on proposed post secondary education model of alberta ? #July20

pursuing my masters in information security and also I am the current vice president external for Concordia GSA #advocacy

Naga Venkat’s Avatar
Naga Venkat Jul 29, 2020 381 views

Can someone provide me with Validity of CISSP and CCNA certifications in networking field? #July20

Pursuing my masters in information security and also i am the current vice president external for Concordia GSA #cybersecurity

Peter’s Avatar
Peter Apr 24, 2020 400 views

How can the youth discover there purpose

Am a go getter , passionate about growth learning.
I love challenges😂
To many more connections I get while doing what I love. #technology #career #technology

Karan’s Avatar
Karan Apr 23, 2020 520 views

Did you choose your career path to better your life or to change the world?

21 year old Sociology major #careers

Coleton’s Avatar
Coleton Apr 04, 2020 411 views

how can an artist make it life when no one buys his art

I'm #psychology a writer and visual jockey #writing #art #artist #creative-writing

Xilai’s Avatar
Xilai Mar 30, 2020 414 views

what is your major

statistics #math

Luolin’s Avatar
Luolin Mar 08, 2020 294 views

What sort of nursing should I do?

Currently in my first year of nursing and was wondering what are some options I can specialize in?
#medical #nursing

Anvi’s Avatar
Anvi Feb 11, 2020 569 views

Where did you work during uni/college?

I am in uni, and am looking to volunteer/ work. #volunteer #job-search #college #internship

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Jan 27, 2020 429 views

Looking for someone flexible with experience?

I'm currently a student at NAIT taking business with a concentration in Human Resources. I have 5+ years of experience in retail as an assistant manager. Great with customer service skills and want to get out into the workforce to help others. #business #career #career #networking...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Apr 26, 2018 642 views

How much weight should students place on the geographic location of their school?

Over the past five years many industries (tech in particular) seems to have concentrated in a few places around the country. In particular, New York, Silicon Valley, Texas, and Seattle. How large of an advantage is it to go to school at a university that is located in one of these places?...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Apr 26, 2018 779 views

Is it worth it to go to get a traditional degree if you are interested in getting into software development or software engineering?

It seems as though more an more influential people in the tech field are showing support to online studies as a legitimate replacement to traditional studies. Is it still worth it to go into debt in order to finance a degree that may be 5-10 years behind 'groundbreaking' concepts? #technology...

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jan 31, 2018 574 views

What kind of jobs are there available for students? It's hard to get the career experience you need when so much of your time is spent studying?

#jobs #student

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Oct 09, 2017 583 views

Im 30 years old and would like to own my own business. Ive started with ads on kijiji but would like to grow into a multi million dollar company. How do i start doing that?

Starting a fan base on Facebook and Instagram is where I'm at but I need to find out how to go about finding and leasing property or land so I can make my auto body shop a worth while venture. Small businesses #good-attitudes #entrepreneurship #business #business-development #small-business

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Jan 31, 2017 701 views

How to get a job!

I am a student with no experience, and thus is getting really hard for me to get a job. Help! #student

Bogusia’s Avatar
Bogusia Jan 31, 2017 1565 views

How do you measure a success in a CSR position?

Upcoming interview #finance #banking #customer-service #customer-relations

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Jan 27, 2017 999 views

What are the benefits of getting an after degree?

Lately, I have been thinking about an after degree in education (hypothetically). How would this benefit me? Does an after degree expand my career options? #career #education #career-counseling #school #interviews #degree #after-college

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Jan 26, 2017 1054 views

How long should a cover letter be?

In writing a cover letter, how long should it be? It seems like for the most part, a cover letter should be no longer than one page.. are there exceptions? #job-search #interviews #cover-letters #mobile-applications

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