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Ockeem Feb 25, 2017 1104 views

Should I be worried if i dont know what to do in life even though I'm in high school.

I'm only asking this question because I wish to know if I'm falling behind or if I'm simply not being smart about it. #higher-education

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Ockeem Feb 24, 2017 1107 views

What would be a great career plan from someone perusing a career in aviation?

I am trying to figure out a great career plan for becoming a pilot. #aviation #pilot #general-aviation

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Ockeem Feb 24, 2017 1123 views

Will the military still take you even though you are in high school?

For future learning. #military #military-academy

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Ockeem Feb 24, 2017 1112 views

What are some degrees that i could get that involves aviation?

I am consider what career path i would like to take on. #aviation #aviation-industry #commercial-aviation #general-aviation

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Ockeem Feb 23, 2017 1077 views

Is the military a good place to start your career of becoming a pilot.

I have been presented with the chance of going but i wounder if its a good choice. #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane

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Ockeem Feb 23, 2017 814 views

What are some major college to consider when trying to become a Pilot

I would love to know some colleges that i should consider becuse i would like to persure the carreer. #pilot #logistics