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Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Apr 09, 2014 2078 views

What types of careers are available for someone who majors in psychology?

I would like to know because I don't want to enter a career and at the end find myself struggling to find a job. Thanks! #psychology #careers

Leslie ’s Avatar
Leslie Apr 08, 2014 1094 views

What psychology careers have a consistent schedule?

I don't ever want to have to put my job before my family or my family before my job. #family #schedule

Teal’s Avatar
Teal Apr 29, 2014 1109 views

What are personal interactions within the workplace like within the psychology field?

Because psychology is a very private interaction with patients, how exclusive are the interactions within the workplace? #psychology

Teal’s Avatar
Teal Apr 29, 2014 2381 views

How does studying abroad effect your career?

I'm a senior in high school and I am debating whether or not to study abroad and how it will impact my education for a career. I am considering majoring in theater or psychology, and I want to know how studying abroad will impact my studies. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying in...