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Joan Feb 12, 2014 11367 views

What is it like to be an epidemiologist?

Hi I'm Joan and I'm in 9th grade. I wanted to learn something about epidemiology. I heard about it in school and I wonder what it's really like to be an epidemiologist. We discussed in class how epidemiologists study the spread of disease. What is a typical day for an epidemiologist? Or if...

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Estephani Apr 08, 2014 1916 views


What majors should I focus on to be a pediatrician? #pediatrician

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Cydnee Apr 03, 2014 1430 views

Is there any job where you can be a travel agent?

I am 14 and i am really interested in traveling to different places. so i was thinking i could have a job that involves traveling but i don't want to be a flight attendant or a pilot. is there such thing as being a travel agent? If not what kind of jobs do you travel a lot in? #career #travel