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Katelyn Aug 15 101 views

How can I make money as a graduate student?

I would like to start paying off my student loans before the payments are due but haven’t had a stable income to be able to set aside for such payments

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Katelyn Feb 16 204 views

What should my next steps be?

I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology and am now pursuing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology: I/O Psychology. I have been on the hunt for an internship or job that will give me experience within this discipline. It has been hard to find one that pays, that’s near me, and is within the...

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Katelyn Jan 16, 2018 610 views

How much money can you get if you are a professional trumpet player?

I am trying to think of back up possibilities of what I’m wanting to major in doesn’t work. I’ve been told by multiple that I am very good at the trumpet and that I could be a proffessional. I just don’t know if I will be able to live on that money, depending on how much. #trumpet...

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Katelyn Jan 16, 2018 274 views

I am a senior and I am trying hard to keep my grades up. What is a way to get over senioritis. I am lacking the effort to care or do my work. I haven’t fully lost my effort, but it is slipping more and more each day. How can this be fixed?