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Khloe’s Avatar
Khloe Jan 30, 2018 530 views

How important are internships?

I also want to know if you get paid or if you don't, the duration, etc...


Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 19, 2016 610 views

Would it be beneficial to have a summer internship in the field we are considering?

Will colleges consider this during the application process and will it give me an advantage? #college #internships #college-admissions

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Oct 24, 2016 693 views

What is the job outlook for STEM jobs?

I'm asking cause I'm curious about how many jobs are likely to be available for people graduating with degrees in the STEM field. #science #forensic

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 13, 2017 579 views

What are some good websites for finding internships?

I want to find an internship for summer but I would also like to know a variety of good websites that post these internships. #internships