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Denzel Jul 17, 2020 761 views

Double Major vs Major & Minor

I'm hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering as well as Astronomy but I am not sure as to whether I want to do so via double majoring or perhaps having a major in MechE and a minor in Astro. What're the pros and cons to both of these paths? #JULY20 #double-major #majors-and-minors

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Denzel Jul 17, 2020 315 views

With the coronavirus running rampant, what are some ways in which I can discover opportunities for internships and jobs in general? Will the search be more or less difficult?

I'm a current prefrosh attending college this fall but I'm a bit anxious in regards to the amount of jobs that will be available during my first semester. #JULY20

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Denzel Apr 04, 2018 1051 views

What are the best places to put my coding skills to good use?

As a programmer, I want to put some of my skills to use, such as possibly working for different companies and labs. What are good places to apply at?

#technology #jobs #summer-jobs #coding #programming

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Denzel Apr 04, 2018 899 views

High school internships

Are there any internship opportunities available for rising sophomores and/or rising juniors in high school? Possibly in major technological industries such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc?

#apple #google #microsoft #internships