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Cameron May 25, 2016 1063 views

What are my job options if I major in international relations?

I am planning on majoring in international relations because I have a desire to bring peace between countries. What kinds of jobs are in line with this goal? #law #political-science #politics #international-relations

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 24, 2016 1806 views

How difficult is the Foreign Service Officers Test to pass?

Since tenth grade I've wanted to be a diplomat. I know it's not exactly a "common" choice but it's not too easy to find information about becoming a diplomat and I'm very curious. #government #politics #international-relations #diplomacy

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Saisha May 24, 2016 1222 views

I am a rising college freshman in International Policy; however, I believe that every job requires some sort of technical skills, so I was curious whether it is wise to take a computer science minor or just take a few classes to gain those skills?

I am very concerned about future job opportunities. I am attending Georgetown university in the fall, and I want to maximize my skills for the future job market. #computer-science #government #job-market #international-affairs #technical #foreign-policy