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joshua’s Avatar
joshua Sep 01, 2017 1041 views

Which college is the best for computer science?

I just wanted to know which college is best for computer science.
#INeedComputerScience #computer #computer-software #computer-science #information-technology

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Aug 30, 2017 1012 views

How many languages is a Software Engineer expected to know?

I know this will vary from company to company but, in general, how many languages should a good Software Engineer be comfortable with?

#computerscience #programming

dennis’s Avatar
dennis Mar 14, 2018 1113 views

Where can I get an internship for my intended major of Computer Science and Information?

I really want to pursue a career involving computer information science, specifically artificial intelligence and data analytics. The reason why i’m asking is due to a hard time finding internships I qualify for. #ArtificialIntelligence #ComputerScience #ComputerInformation #Data #DataAnalytics...