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John Mundaden

Management Consulting (Finance) at PwC
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Calvin May 11, 2016 2084 views

How valuable is volunteer experience for job applications?

I've heard volunteer experience is a valuable thing to have when applying for jobs, so is it especially recommended/desired? I have no time to dedicate to volunteering due to a job and full-time school, so I'm a little concerned this might impact my future job searches and applications. How...

Anvi’s Avatar
Anvi Feb 11, 2020 842 views

Where did you work during uni/college?

I am in uni, and am looking to volunteer/ work. #volunteer #job-search #college #internship

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Gisbel Jan 27, 2020 751 views

What are the primary responsibilities of the position?

#finance #internship #business #accounting

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Josh Feb 12, 2020 3561 views

Want to go into advisory / management consulting. Which is a better stepping stone? Audit or Tax?

Hi. I'm an accounting fresh graduate who is currently trying to complete ACCA. I would like to go into advisory or management consulting but lately there are no responses from Big4 and other consulting firms. Therefore, I might have to start my career in either external audit or tax. Which of...

Anaya’s Avatar
Anaya Sep 17, 2019 1033 views

What skills are required in your position on a day-to day basis?

I am a senior in high school who is currently in an accounting class. #accounting #finance #business #accountant

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Bahara Jan 07, 2020 3148 views

I am Majoring in Accounting and I am struggling with my Accounting courses.

I am in my third year of university and I have to decide before it 's too late. I am planning to switch my major in Accounting into minor and major in international business. I need some advise regarding the employment of my chosen minor and major. Moreover, I need guidance if I am making the...

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Jan 10, 2020 2608 views

What does being a business major take?

I'm looking for colleges and I want to be a business major, but I don't know what to focus on and I'm not sure how to go about college (majors and minors). #business #major #college