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Bastrop, Texas
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Shaylee Jul 23, 2018 672 views

what are some struggles you have in collage.

Hi my name is Shaylee,

I want to know when i do enter collage what kind of challenges might come my way.
#collage #struggles #challenges #wondering #buisness

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Shaylee Jul 19, 2018 802 views

How can you maintain friendships?

While in collage can you really maintain a good friendship while being totally focused on your work. Do you think they will be understanding of your time management.

#friends #collage #fakepeople

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Shaylee Jul 13, 2018 712 views

How do you make a good resume?

when applying to a collage what should you do on your resume to make a good impression. #pro #collage #rightpath

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Shaylee Jul 13, 2018 893 views

Is this a good job to have if you have a really busy schedule?

If you do a lot of things to do in a single day or week is this the right job to have? #job-market #jobs #first-job

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Shaylee Jul 13, 2018 713 views

What do you do as a Marine Biologist?

What do you do on a daily basis?
Is the job difficult? #biologist #all

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Shaylee Jul 13, 2018 723 views

Whats the best collage to go to for Marine Biology?

I want to study animals from the water background, but i'm not sure what school to go to.
#Collage #Confused #helpingAnimals #studyAnimals