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Ariel Apr 19, 2018 2429 views

What is the best way to get focused and start studying?

I have such a hard time starting projects, homework, studying, etc. and it's so frustrating. Sometimes when I do start I can't get focused and I'm not sure why. Help.

#school #homework #studying-tips

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 20, 2018 656 views

Finishing Homework

What is the best way to stay focused on homework? Does it help to listen to music? #homework

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Jul 14, 2018 537 views

After college, how should you ensure that you're not wasting your degree?

#degree #lifeaftercollege #help #socialsciences

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 28, 2018 609 views

What tips do you have for balancing college coursework and social life and sleep at the same time?

I am going to be heavily involved in multiple programs at my college. I want to be able to experience College while excelling academically and not have to sacrifice sleep. #balance #social