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Ruby Rodriguez

Retail General Manager
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
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Miranda Jan 17, 2018 829 views

What is the best piece of advice for starting your own business?

Starting a new business is daunting. #business #business-development #entrepreneurship

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Kimberlynn May 25, 2016 1220 views

Did you take any special classes to prepare for college?

I want to completely prepared for everything. #college-major

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Abdulwahab Dec 17, 2016 1591 views

How does salary affects employees motivation?

How does salary affects the employee's motivation to work? #business #job #graduate #salary #motivation #financial-planning #personal-development

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Hannah Mar 06, 2018 923 views

What is the best question to prepare for job interviews?

When preparing for an interview and practicing potential questions an interviewer may ask, what is the best question to practice? #interview-preparation