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Ian M. Oct 31, 2016 343 views

How often does a Structural Engineer get to work on a construction site?

I would like to know this question because i hope to pursue a career in structural engineering, but i don't just want to be stuck in an office all day. I would like to get some hands on experience with the projects i am working on. #construction...


Dylan B.’s Avatar
Dylan B. Nov 28, 2017 376 views

As a high school student, is it important to have an internship prior to applying to college?

I'm a junior in high school and was curious to see if internships would be a useful way to get into good colleges (Specifically construction management). I'm interested in construction management due to my exposure to the career, my dad owns a construction company so I feel this is a career I...

#internships #college #college-admissions #construction-management #construction

Luke H.’s Avatar
Luke H. Mar 29, 2018 292 views

What does the average heavy equipment operator make an hour?

I am interested in being an operator and am very curious on what they make for living #construction #career #compensation...


Leyton L.’s Avatar
Leyton L. Apr 11, 2018 244 views

What would be a entry-level position for a major in construction management?

I am curious as to what else I can do besides physical that can get me to my dreams of being my own boss and having a custom home business. #homebuilding #texas #construction-management...


Shelby T.’s Avatar
Shelby T. May 31, 2018 346 views

What degree would be more beneficial to me? Construction science or construction management?

I am female, interested in a career in the construction industry and looking to attend either Texas A&M or University of Texas at Tyler. I believe I am more interested in residential building than the industrial aspects. Which degree would be more beneficial to me? #construction...


Joshua B.’s Avatar
Joshua B. Mar 16 88 views

What kind of benefits would I receive in the Construction field? Like health for example.

I'm male, 19 years old and attending Job Corps in El Paso, TX. I'm getting certified in Facilities Maintenance and may be interested in becoming a Journeyman Electrician or Lineman. I have a HS Diploma. #career #construction...