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Business and Financial Operations Occupations
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Tyler May 21, 2016 733 views

Do you have to get an associates degree to be a certified Auto Collision repairman?

This is what I want to do when I finish college. #automobile #mechanic #automotive #career #college

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abi Sep 04, 2018 551 views

What's the salary of professional singers in LA?

#singer #salary

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Cherokee Sep 10, 2018 471 views

What do you have to have to be a EMT


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Lauryn Aug 27, 2018 413 views

What were the most important items for first day of college classes?

#First day of college

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Vanessa Sep 21, 2018 478 views

How do I become a radiology nurse?

#nursing # radiology #healthcare #medicine

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Ena Feb 19, 2017 1159 views

What difference between MBA and master?

In China, more and more people want to continue studying directly after 4-year university life. But in Canada, I think local people are more likely to choose MBA after more than 3-year experience. #mba #master

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Maggie Aug 24, 2018 818 views

What is the most challenging aspect to opening your own business?

I've graduated high school a year early and I am ready to make my dream come true. I've had a vision of a coffee shop that is truly unique compared to others I've seen. After my gap year, I plan on getting my associates in business, then proceeding to fulfill my dream. I have so many questions...