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Fathima M. Jan 17, 2018 236 views

How do I blend visual art and writing skill with my biotechnology degree for a career?

Ever since I was a kid, I was constantly stuck between wanting to be an artist, a writer, or a scientist. There must be some way to have all these things in my life, but I'm not really sure since I want to be a microbiologist or parasitologist. #biology #biotechnology #molecular-biology...

#wildlife-biology #drawing-and-painting #drawing #painting #evolutionary-biology #marine-biology #writer #cell-biology

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Rokaria L. Jan 19, 2018 1511 views

Do companies truly focus on your college major when applying for jobs?

My major might be something broad like English, but I want to work in the creative arts. I want to know if employers truly care about your major even if it might not match exactly to what they want....