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Lauren H. Mar 25, 2018 467 views

What are the best opportunities for a rewarding career in the medical profession working with children?

I am currently a senior in high school and am interested in the medical profession, specifically working with children. I have been admitted into college and want to know more about my future....


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Ream G. Mar 26, 2018 576 views

What is the best major for Medical School?

I hear a lot of people choose majors other than pre-med/biology based majors even though they plan to take the MCAT and go to medical school. I am currently thinking about being a biochemistry major or entering the engineering department and am wondering whether that will have a significant...

#medical-practice #engineering #premed #medicine

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Adam L. Jul 01, 2018 256 views

Will becoming a doctor be worth the time and energy?

Is it worth all the money you'll have to spend, the amount of studying you'll have to do, and the fact that you'll have to hold of on things like having a family? #doctor #medicine #surgeon #medical-school...

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lame G. Nov 25, 2019 480 views

what are examples of clinical experience?

for example what are volunteer work that is concitered a clinical experience *sorry for bad spelling* : /...


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danieh K. May 03, 2020 680 views

How can I make the best connections on linkedin as a high school student

I'm a 16-year-old high school student in grade 11, aspiring to pursue a future in the business industry. Subjects like economics, and information technology interest me and I hope to gain more knowledge in those areas. #business #technology #student #highschool #sfu...