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Cassia T. Aug 16, 2018 221 views

What steps do I need to take to get an international internship?

I am a junior Computer Engineering major. I am currently learning German as a second language and one of my goals is to have a software development internship in Germany. I have been applying for internships and looking for international ones, but I would like to hear if there are any specific...

#second-language #german #internships #software-development #computer-engineering

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Bobbie W. Mar 04, 2019 216 views

How do I choose a career?

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Jack J. Mar 04, 2019 134 views

What's the most important skill to have in your chosen field?

Such as problem-solving, critical thinking, or other types of skills like Microsoft excel proficiency/experience using machinery....


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J F. Mar 05, 2019 272 views

How should I prepare for interviews?

I've heard that books such as Cracking the Coding Interview are good prep for #tech #interviews as well as solving problems on Hackerrank and Leetcode. Are these helpful, and are there any other ways I can prepare...