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oscar J. May 15, 2018 323 views

i want to know how can a immigrant can succeed in college and after college?

I want to know what opportunities exist on this country. Also, I want to know where can I find more private scholarships that can help me accomplish my dream to succeed on life. Thank you. #college #scholarships #immigrant #immigration...


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Carlos L. Aug 22, 2018 286 views

I don't know what to write in my college essay

I can't think of anything interesting in my life that'll be beneficial for writing a college essay. #writing...


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Po-Lun K. Mar 05, 2019 144 views

Should I be worried that I don't know a lot about how fast technology is growing?

Coding sounds really hard, and I took an introductory class in it before. I dont plan on going into the tech industry, but it is becoming a growing part in everyday life. What concerns should the average non-tech professional worry about in regards to the unknowns of the inner workings behind...


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Sabina V. Mar 05, 2019 250 views
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Katrina P. Mar 05, 2019 170 views

What are the best majors for pursuing a tech-related job?

What are the best majors for pursuing a tech-related job?...


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asim A. Mar 08, 2019 240 views