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Cynthia T. Mar 12, 2018 273 views

What are the best business models for building a dynamic and scalable non-profit

Since 2003, I've provided financial planning services to Indian tribes, advising on both personal and tribal policies such as budgets, taxation, risk management (insurance), investments and legacy (estate) planning. In my professional experience, clients who stayed with me were able to...

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Ashley C. May 22, 2018 267 views

What is the best part about becoming a relief worker?

What is the most noticeable change that takes place when you are there? #helping-others #registered-nurse #nonprofit #nurse...


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Carlos L. Aug 22, 2018 293 views

I don't know what to write in my college essay

I can't think of anything interesting in my life that'll be beneficial for writing a college essay. #writing...


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Trinity G. Mar 05, 2019 166 views

What is YA?

I am a teenager who enjoys writing, but I often find myself frustrated by the books on the YA shelf as the majority of them seem to be only romance or a romance with thinly veiled fantasy/dystopian elements thrown on top of it. I enjoy writing whatever I want, but I'm wondering if my historical...

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