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Mia Apr 14, 2020 1211 views

As a non-religious person, should I exclude religiously affiliated colleges and universities from my college search?

Just a quick disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone in this post!! I respect your freedom of religion!! So, I do not follow any organized religion. I do not believe in a God or creationism, and I am not spiritual. I guess I can be categorized as a "nihilist." With that being said, I...

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Blake May 09, 2019 590 views

What is the Future of AI looking like to you in business?

Where do you see the future of AI/Machine learning development progressing? There is a lot of talk at conventions focused around AI about the ethics behind it. I think some people are too heavily influenced by movies(Skynet for example) to be able to see the future of AI. How will it affect...