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Michael Tsonton

Executive Chef at Ravinia Festival for Levy Restaurants
Chicago, Illinois
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Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 16, 2020 324 views

How do you work with difficult co-workers?


Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Dec 05, 2019 285 views

How important is camaraderie in the kitchen for you?

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Irina’s Avatar
Irina Dec 03, 2019 375 views

What does a typical day look like as a Chef? What may be some negative things that I might come across choosing to be a Chef? Would I be able to make a living off of being a Chef only and not having to really struggle?

I am 16 considering doing advanced training from Job Corps in San Francisco after I get my 2 years done in the Hawaii Job Corps Waimanalo (Oahu). Then maybe either come back to Hawai'i or some where on the mainland. I would like to become a chef.

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Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Dec 10, 2019 305 views

As a possible restaurant owner what made you take that leap of faith and actually open your business?

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Kalani’s Avatar
Kalani Jan 13, 2020 439 views

What can i do to become a great chef.




Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Feb 07, 2020 650 views

Where is the best place to make money as a Sou Chef?

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