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D'Andre G. Mar 19, 2015 813 views

How smooth was the transition from college to the physical therapist work field since so many people are interested in this occupation?

I am asking because I am interested in choosing a major that will get me a job in the physical therapist work field. However, I am not very confident about choosing a major that will receive me a job in this career because I don't know anyone who is a physical therapist who can talk to me from...

#preparation #physical-therapist #therapist #physical #transition

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Dimaris R. Jun 09, 2015 1501 views

What is the purpose in going to an Art college in order to become a Multimedia Artist and Animator?

I'm a sophomore who would like to know if anyone can still be a multimedia artist and animator even without going to an art college to get a degree. Would that person have a chance to be one? Sorry if I confuse anyone with the question. #art #animation...


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Yamil C. Oct 07, 2015 863 views