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Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
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Corinne Mar 16 418 views

How do I make money being a private pilot?

I am 15 and in 10th grade!

cristian’s Avatar
cristian Oct 19, 2023 438 views

Which universities will teach me how to become a pilot for planes?

how a search a university of Plane Pilot?

Brenttyn’s Avatar
Brenttyn Mar 10, 2022 453 views

Going out of flight school with a private helicopter pilot's license, what are some jobs in which I'd be eligible to still make a wage?

#aviation Originally, I had applied to the Coast Guard Academy to become a helicopter pilot and got hours that way, but recently was rejected. My backup plan is to go through a private pilot school and get my license that way. The issue I am running into is how to go about still gaining hours,...

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Oct 05, 2021 436 views

What is some advice for taking PPL check ride? I'm eligible to take mine in January, that's when I turn 17.

I'm getting my PPL and want to pursue aviation as a career. Just wanted to get some insight on other people's experiences. #aviation

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Mar 19, 2021 1057 views

Would ATP flight school be good to go to for becoming a commercial pilot?

#pilot #aviation #airline-industry

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Feb 01, 2021 549 views

What is your favorite airplane to fly?

I plan to start a professional pilot degree program as a #pilot #aviation #commercial-pilot and my goal is to eventually fly for Southwest Airlines.

Beverly’s Avatar
Beverly Oct 29, 2020 514 views

Pilot Requirements

can a tourism graduate be a pilot? if not what are the courses that can be a pilot? #pilot #aviation #commercial-pilot

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Aug 04, 2020 635 views

Do you get to choose different locations to fly to when your a commercial pilot working for a airline?

I would like to know how being a commercial pilot is really like.
#aviation #commercial-pilot

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 30, 2020 575 views

How many years does it take to get to a commercial pilot?

I’m a high school student, I love the idea of seeing different places and I think I can to that through being a pilot I still have more to learn.

Yanni Emmanuel’s Avatar
Yanni Emmanuel May 03, 2020 551 views

Does it really need to be a Degree Holder before getting the PPL?

I'm going to college next year and I'm taking the Aviation course, I like asking questions to the professionals about the career I'm talking . #career #college #aviation