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Brier’s Avatar
Brier Mar 12, 2017 845 views

How does one get their book published?

I want to be a writer, so naturally I want a novel published some day. However, I have no idea how to even start looking into publishing. #writing #books #novels

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Oct 28, 2015 1039 views

Which one gets more money MLB or Movie Directors?

My name is Peyton and I love baseball I play it right now and in spring and I love writing my own movies for the future. #acting

Mauilena ’s Avatar
Mauilena Dec 10, 2015 2157 views

How do I sell my own makeup?

I see a lot of people who get paid to promote makeup and I really want to get into that. #cosmetology #entrepreneur #makeup #promotions #social-entrepreneur