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Jaime H. Nov 05, 2019 168 views
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Yaw O. Apr 23, 2020 182 views

Is it possible to do Medicine without A level biology?

Hello, My name is Yaw and I am year 13 student from London. I have applied to do pharmacy next year at UCL and King'c College London. My original aim however was to study medicine. I do A level Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Would it be possible to study medicine later on in life or not?...

#medicine #doctor

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Sarah W. Apr 25, 2020 118 views

How can I get shadowing opportunities for medical school?

I am a second-year Bioengineering major looking to get more involved in my future career field. #healthcare #medicine...


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Niharika S. May 05, 2020 250 views

How important is it to be a part of extra curricular activities in college?

I have just completed first year at the University of Western Ontario in General Science. I will be majoring in Biology and have a long term goal of becoming a doctor. #biology #science...


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tori B. May 09, 2020 363 views

How can I have a career with traveling ?

I am a sophomore in high school . As of now , I don't know my purpose in life. I honestly just want to travel the world , make money and be happy. How could I travel as a full time job? #travel #career...